Providing integrated consulting services with a focus innovation. sustainable solutions. impact.

Thanks to the varied experiences of our team, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that enables us to
provide our clients with innovative solutions focused on maximizing impact and sustainability.

At NBI, we add value to our clients work through the following full menu of services:


Research & Analysis

Quality, rigorous research and analysis are a cornerstone of our operations. We provide expert services through all phases of the research cycle from designing samples and data collection protocols,to conducting data collection, analysis, reporting, and presenting findings.

For more than 10 years, NBI has demonstrated its design and methodological expertise in delivering high quality, rigorous research and analysis. Working with a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods, our team has implemented numerous research projects for clients working in a variety of sectors, including: health, education, child welfare, agriculture, housing, environment, social policy and finance.

Mobila Data Collection

NBI has conducted over 45,000 surveys in West Africa using mobile technology for faster, more reliable and affordable data collection.

Smart mobile devices are rapidly replacing pen and paper solutions in the survey industry as they guarantee better data quality at lower costs. Our team of experts can develop customized electronic surveys of any scale from social research on teenage pregnancy to payroll audits of entire government ministries.

We have experience using both mobile phones and iPads for data collection using a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary applications which allow for real-time data uploads and greater data security. Our vast in-house team of subject matter experts, statisticians,
survey analysts and consultants work side-by-side to develop the right
mobile data collection solutions for our clients.

Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

NBI offers a range of design, monitoring and evaluation services to support client decision-making, accountability, learning and performance.

Our team has a proven track record in designing and implementing performance monitoring systems and evaluations encompassing entire programme cycle. Our goal is to help our clients remain accountable and set realistic goals while improving the quality of the services they deliver.

We provide practical assistance for all types of program monitoring and evaluation in a wide variety of sectors— from public health to finance. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, our team analyses performance and the achievement of
targets, while ensuring that the five core evaluation standards of relevance,
effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability are examined.

Training & Capacity Development

With a focus on empowering sustainable learning and development, we provide innovative training and capacity development solutions for both service providers and target populations in a variety of areas.

NBI’s training solutions include both on-demand, customizable training solutions as well as a comprehensive catalogue of evidence-based training that is culturally targeted. Our instructional design and subject-matter experts develop and deliver training programmes in areas as diverse as business, technology, advocacy, leadership, project management, agriculture, sales and human resources management. Our instructors are also familiar with a range of pedagogical approaches including the use of participatory and adult learning techniques.

Corporate Services

Our work with commercial clients focuses on helping businesses and investors succeed in their emerging market operations. In order to do this, NBI provides bespoke corporate services which blend our expertise in research and analysis with broader business strategies.

Our team of experts have worked with major companies to develop targeted market research, corporate social responsibility strategies, business plans and client surveys. We have also supported investors with detailed sector reviews, market entry plans and investment strategies. Throughout all of our work with private sector companies, we maintain a focus on effective risk management and stakeholder engagement, aimed at optimizing success in emerging markets.