We provide integrated consulting services
    that are locally driven, with a focus on
    sustainable solutions and impact.
    To harness a deep understanding of
    the communities we serve and provide
    lasting solutions that help our people,
    clients and stakeholders achieve success.
  • Locally Rooted,
    Globally Connected
    Our work is guided by a focus on local-global
    knowledge building and sharing.

At NBI, we empower public and private sector organizations to achieve their goals and development impact.

Our work is grounded in our commitment to knowledge building & sharing. local partnerships. expert, high quality delivery. sustainable solutions.

NestBuilders International (NBI) is a multiservice consulting firm that provides expert advice and services
to governments, international development agencies and private sector organizations. We provide a
full range of innovative research services, management consulting, technical assistance,
training and capacity development solutions to strengthen programmes, organizations and policies.

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What We Do


Research & Analysis

Quality, rigorous research and analysis are a cornerstone of our operations. We provide expert services through all phases of the research cycle from designing samples and data collection protocols, to conducting data collection, analysis, reporting, and presenting findings.

Mobile Data

Smart mobile devices are rapidly replacing pen and paper solutions in the survey industry as they guarantee better data quality at lower costs. NBI has conducted over 40,000 surveys in West Africa using mobile technology for faster, more reliable and affordable data collection.

Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

At NBI, we offers integrated programme design, monitoring and evaluation solutions encompassing complete programme cycles. We help our clients improve the impact, efficiency and sustainability of their services, while providing accountability and insight.

Training & Capacity Development

With a focus on empowering sustainable learning and development, we provide innovative training and capacity development solutions for both service providers and target populations in a variety of areas.

Corporate Services

Our work with commercial clients focuses on helping businesses and investors succeed in their emerging market operations. In order to do this, NBI provides bespoke corporate services which blend our expertise in research and analysis with broader business strategies.

Bespoke Consulting Services

NBI offers custom, tailored consulting services across a number of aid and development sectors. From programme management to stakeholder engagement, our diverse and qualified team can develop and deliver on-demand specialized solutions to suit our client's needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Our Valued Satisfied Esteemed Clients

We have had the privilege to work with renowned public and private sector organizations.
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