Our company is organized around knowledge - creating it. locating it. sharing it. applying it.

What We Do

NBI is a multiservice international development consulting firm that provides expert advice and services to governments, development partners and private sector organizations. We provide a full range of innovative research services, management consulting, technical assistance, training and capacity development solutions to strengthen programmes, organizations and policies. Our work aims to improve lives in lasting ways by empowering our clients to achieve their goals and development impact.

Our Team

The company is formed of a multidisciplinary team of development industry professionals who are seasoned practitioners in their specialist fields. To complement our full-time staff, we rely on a network of associate consultants who provide specialized skills for short-and long-term assignments.

Our diverse staff team and network of consultants are experts in a variety of development fields and have years of experience delivering services across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. This allows us to bring the most suitable blend of expertise required to meet our client’s needs.

The depth of experience and expertise of our staff results in a unique mix of capabilities needed to address today's interrelated development challenges.

Our Strategy

Our work is grounded in knowledge building and sharing, strengthened by partnerships and focused on utilising local knowledge alongside our global expert networks. As a result, NBI provides consulting services that combine technical skills with cultural sensitivity and understanding of the diverse societies and environments in which we work.

We work in partnership with stakeholders in government, the private sector, NGOs and community groups, offering local solutions to meet local needs. By harnessing specialist local knowledge and investing in sustained relationships, our company has a deep understanding of the people and communities we serve and the solutions most likely to deliver the greatest impact.

Our Core Values